Ladies First

UAF audaxes have ride captains, chosen by the ride organiser.   The purpose of the ride captains (the Centenaire du Tourmalet had four) is to lead the peloton of up to 150 riders at a 22.5 kph average, to ensure the scheduled stop times in controls are met and to get as close as possible to 100% homologations for the ride.  From time to time, the ride captains invite riders as ‘guests’ to assist at the front of the peloton, considered a bit of an honour.

I’ll be a ride captain for the second session of PBP Audax 2011.  Few women have done this and to date no english-speaking riders.  So while it is brilliant to be chosen, it also comes with a scary amount of responsibility.

Regular ride updates will be made during the ride, so watch the Twitter space on The Brevet Bird from the 7th to 11th August 2011.

For further information on PBP Audax go to

2 responses to “Ladies First

  1. Judith–

    Congratulations! on being selected for such a great honor. I recall riding with you a bit on the ’09 GRR (I was one of the fixed-gear bikes, along with Rob G. and John E.). I know you’ll have a wonderful ride and experience and here’s to hoping that you bring 100% of the peloton across the line. Hope to run into you at PBP Randonneur.


  2. Charles Copeland

    Versailles, 7 August

    Congrats Judith! See you this afternoon.


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