Casper the little white Moulton’s first kms

Between the wonderful expertise of Dan Farrell and his crew at Moulton building the frame and Dave Minter bolting on the components, Casper is now a complete and rideable machine.  Next step, road testing to put him through his paces and check that nothing vital was going to jump ship during PBP audax and rando.

As with all bikes, there are a few things mechanical that on the work stand are fine but, on the road, needed tweaking.  These were found and resolved on a pleasant 100km ride over to friends.

Casper on route≠64

Then came the main tests.  Firstly a 200km DIY ride from Oxfordshire, over to the Cotswolds, then through the Chilterns to home.  Then to really check that nothing was going to work loose on the roads of France, a 100km ride using the Sustrans paths of Hertfordshire (route 64), much of it off road.

Casper performed brilliantly throughout the various roads, hills and paths of the first 400km.  He was quick along the flat, descended like a demon, cornered on tramlines and figured he might just be Pantani when going up hills!


After only a few rides a-wheel, Casper is challenging the beloved Robbie (my Roberts S&S coupled bike) as my favourite stead out of the one or perhaps many I have to choose from.

2 responses to “Casper the little white Moulton’s first kms

  1. Dear Judith, my name is Nico, i’m french, and i would Like to contact you in order to create a Link as i bought a TSR 30 last year, made a ” diagonale de France” with it. I’m a long distance rider, and i Will certainly try to do next PBP with my Moulton. May be we can discuss about your expérience? I Will tell you about mine and my other projects in moulton? My mail is : I live in Lyon, center of France. Nico.

  2. Judith, I am a long distance novice. I am looking at purchasing a TSR 30 but have been met with a bit of skepticism from those I have mentioned it to! I will have one bike,would a tsr do the job? I am starting to waver and am looking around a mercian instead. Any insight from the hot seat would be welcome!

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