Three Hundred Thousand Mile Club

Mile eat your way to joining the UK’s 300,000 mile club and join the likes of Pat Kenny, Neville “Chain Ring” Chanin and on three wheels, Jim Hopper (8 x ancien du PBP). Providing you turn the pedals, the miles count once you make a note of them in any format that you choose, then submit this to the club.

For the website click here


To Go! 28,400
Year Miles Grand Total
2016 18,694 271,600
2015 19,008 252,906
2014 18,385 233,898
2013 17,241 215,513
2012 12,658 198,272
2011 13,386 185,614
2010 10,935 172,228
2009 16,828 161,293
2008 16,362 144,465
2007 14,265 128,103
2006 15,709 113,838
2005 13,106 98,129
2004 11,920 85,023
2003 16,148 73,103
2002 14,656 56,955
2001 14,409 42,299
2000 13,776 27,890
1999 14,114 14,114

5 responses to “Three Hundred Thousand Mile Club

  1. I’m sorry to say that both Neville (2010) and Pat Kenny (2011) are now dead, the latter in a road traffic accident. I took over as secretary of the 300,000 Mile Club this year, and may be contacted at 92 Derby Street, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. DE14 2LE. The club was founded in 1962 and has nearly 80 active members, with a similar number on our Roll of Honour.

  2. Matthew Rawnsley

    can overseas riders join?
    I know one rider that can prove he has ridden 500,000kms (300,000miles) here in South Australia. And while i am not there yet (400,000kms) , i can also prove that i have ridden those kilometers.
    Matthew Rawnsley

  3. Matthew Rawnsley
    and this article was publish in the Advertiser New Paper in Adelaide

  4. Greetings from Ft. Collins, CO, USA
    I have been keeping recorded diaries of my cycling since 1984.
    I will need to go through my books and “do the math”. What amount
    of varification do you require?? Closing in on the 300K šŸš“
    Best wishes
    Jack Herrick

  5. I’m sad to say Betty Dix from Stafford has passed away peacefully aged 86. Her husband Ivan Dix is being cared for in a nursing home. I have been informed that they were members of this group.

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