The Long Rides List

These are rides of 1000km or more homologated by Audax Club Parisian (ACP), LRM), or Union des Audax Francais (UAF). Where there is a ride report, the ride will be underlined. Click to go to and read.

Year Ride Distance Location Machine
2014 St Germain 1000 France Moulton bike
  Mile Failte 1200 Ireland Moulton bike
2013 London-Edinburgh-London 1400 UK Moulton bike
  Gien (UAF) 1000 France Moulton bike
  Randonneur Israel 1000 Israel Moulton bike
2011 Paris-Brest-Paris (Randonnee) 1200 France Moulton bike
  Paris-Brest-Paris (UAF) 1200 France Moulton bike
  Texas Rando Stampede 1200 USA, Tx Roberts bike
2010 Centenaire du Tourmalet (UAF) 1000 France Roberts bike
  Mille Miglia 1600 Italy Enigma bike
  Perth-Albany-Perth 1200 Australia, WA Roberts bike
2009 Gold Rush Randonnee 1200 USA, CA Roberts bike
  London-Edinburgh-London 1400 UK Enigma bike
  Madrid-Gijon-Madrid 1200 Spain Roberts bike
  Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200 Australia Roberts bike
2008 Mille Miglia 1600 Italy Roberts bike
  Great Southern Randonnee 1200 Australia, Vic Enigma bike
2007 Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 France Enigma bike
2006 Sicily No Stop 1000 Sicily Roberts bike
  New Forest 1000km Randonnee 1000 England Roberts bike
  Boston Montreal Boston 1200 USA, MA Roberts bike
  Roscoff Nice permanent 1400 France Roberts bike
2005 London-Edinburgh-London 1400 UK Roberts bike
2000 Tour de Corse 992 Corsica Roberts bike
1999 Paris-Brest-Paris (with Jon Jennings) 1200 France Tandem

UAF = Union Audax Francais

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