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For the fun stuff on wheels that are small and bikes that fold and all those other adventures a-wheel.

The Great Ultilitaire Challenge

When I saw Mg’s utilitaire challenge on her blog, Chasingmailboxes, it immediately appealed to me. I’m privileged to live in leafy Metroland, formerly the county of Middlesex in the suburban edges of West London. This allows me to do most day to day tasks on a bike rather than get the tyre levers out and extract the car from the drive, where it tends to root itself due to lack of use. I have bike access to the urban splendour of central London, the beautiful lanes of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire and the semi-urban bit in between. So actually recording the tasks I use the bike for, beyond going to work and grocery shopping, was going to be interesting.

My 12 Utilitaires

  • #1 commuting to work x 2
  • #2 grocery shopping with the Gecko trailer x 2#3 multi modal triple to hairdresser / returning borrowed headset tools / shopping at Fortnum & Mason
  • #4 Riding out to the start and back of the South Bucks 200km randonnee
  • #5 buying ‘green gunk’ from downtownWatford to let my Condor bike be cleaned
  • #6 biking between the office and an off-site meeting and back again
  • #7 Craft store visit to purchase shisha
  • #8 riding to give tuition to the local embroidery group
  • #9 visiting HellyMedic in deepest Edgware

Bikes used

  • Daisy, the quite pink Brompton
  • Scotti, the very abused but loved Scot MTB
  • Robbie Big Wheels, my favourite big wheels for randonneuring

And I’m still collecting utilitaires as it’s a fun and rewarding way of using my bike. I continue to ride between my office and off-site meetings which provides great urban mini adventures a-wheel on the beloved Brompton and some wonderful photos along the way!

The evidence in glorious technicolor beauty

Utilitaire #1, part of route home from work, the Grand Union Canal

Utilitaire #6 meeting at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children

Ultilitare #6, on the route back to the office at Charring Cross Hospital

Utilitaire #3 multi modal triple, stop number 3 Fortnum & Mason

Utilitaire #1 Scotti hitched with the Gecko and plenty of groceries

Utilitare #8, sample for the embroidery class to follow

For the complete utilitaire pictorial journey, see

Saturday 9th April – Origami Ride; Princes Risborough

There was big turn out of locals and folks from further afield for the April Origami ride, which  had brilliant sunshine all day.  The ride, was led by Phil Wray who also designed the lovely 23 miles circular route going to Thame via the Sustrant’s Phoenix trail, with a fine pub lunch in Thame, then traveling through Emmington, Kingston Stert to  the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway for tea served from an old carriage, but alas no steam trains.  Then back to Princes Risborough via Bedlow-cum-Saunderton.

For interesting bikes, Phil Wray and Paul Evans won the day, both a-wheel on a Royal Enfield “Revelation”; one green, one red.

If you fancy a fun day a-wheel amongst a variety of folding bikes and chat to a bunch of interesting and entertaining people, go to

For  more photos of the day


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